In 2007 Paul Pholeros started working with the families in Bhattedanda village to improve sanitation conditions. Toilets and waste removal systems – septic or biogas – were constructed, along with rainwater storage tanks.

The villagers now see clearly the benefits of well constructed sanitation systems and have requested a community toilet/shower block be built adjacent to their Buddhist stupa and nearby small meeting house – a place in the forest where people gather for religious and community events, monks come for meditation, and cremations are carried out at the nearby “ghat”, burning ground.

At present there is no water supply, no toilet, no washing place at this site.

The villagers will dedicate this very important project to the memory of “Paul Sir” in recognition of his long term commitment to their village.

This will be the first project for the Paul Pholeros Foundation team’s involvement and construction is planned for March – April 2019.

Funds for the village toilet/shower block construction will be raised through the Nepal Village Development Project, RAWCS Project 66/2007-08.

Our target is AUD15,000.

Donations are greatly appreciated, are tax deductible.

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Namaste and Laso and thanks from the villagers!!

October 9th, 2018