What is the Scholarship

The Paul Pholeros Scholarship (“Scholarship”) has been developed in the spirit of Paul Pholeros and his lifelong commitment to improving people’s living environments and investing in the professional growth of young and emerging architects.

Two Scholarships of $3000 each are awarded annually and enable recipients to explore an issue or topic related to the social purpose of Architecture, where the outcome of the study, to be completed in 12 months, will contribute to improvements in the health and living conditions of Australian society.

The Scholarship is announced in February each year, with calls for submissions by eligible applicants. Allowing time for submission, interviews and final selections, the study period starts some time in May-June of each year. The due date for 2024 Applications is Friday 15 March Midnight AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time).

Study Topics

The area of study is defined by applicants and may include topics such as social housing, sustainable resources, urban planning, responses to impacts of climate change, rural development, Indigenous housing and/or addressing population growth.

Some areas of interest addressed in previous applications were:

Impact of climate change, Social housing issues, Arid zone considerations, Adaptation of the six-pack typology to modern circumstances, Post-disaster shelter relief in regional and remote communities, Addressing housing shortages in remote areas, and Improving architectural education with consideration of social justice and humanitarian design.

Who Can Apply

An Applicant for the Scholarship:

  • is a recent graduate (within the past 5 years) from a  Master’s level accredited architectural program at an Australian tertiary institution, and
  • is not completing tertiary studies or other research studies directly related to their proposed area of study.

How to Apply

Eligible Applicants can apply for the Scholarship by completing and submitting an online application form.

The Applicant will be required to provide details about the proposed area of study and to nominate a Mentor for the study. The Mentor will also submit a Mentor online application form.

The role of the Mentor is to provide guidance as needed by the Applicant during the development and implementation of the study, and is not a supervisory role.  The Mentor will also be the Applicant’s referee, available to provide a verbal reference for Applicants who reach the final stages of selection.  The Mentor does not need to be an architect, however they must have expertise in the area of the Applicant’s Study Proposal.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used to assess applications by the Scholarship Selection Panel:

  • the applicant is an Eligible Applicant,
  • the Study Proposal is relevant to the social purpose of architecture and improving living conditions in Australian society,
  • the Eligible Applicant demonstrates an appropriate level of skill and experience to perform the study, and
  • the Study Proposal includes a methodology, final product, budget and timeline (if appropriate) that is clear and permissible, and overall the Study Proposal appears to be achievable.

Applications submitted after the Submission due date will not be considered.

The Paul Pholeros Scholarship information brochure contains detailed information about the Scholarship including the selection and interview processes, and Scholarship Conditions.

For further information contact the PPF.