Based on over 10 years of experience in sanitation programs in rural and remote regions of Nepal, our program supports Australian teams to work alongside Nepali plumbers and tradespeople to improve their skills and understanding of what is needed to ensure functioning and safe water supply and sanitation systems.

Once a year a PPF Fellowship is offered to a selected Australian plumbing and media team who will work together with a Nepali team on a village based sanitation project. This project will vary from year to year and will include toilet block constructions, village sanitation assessments and evaluations, and upgrading and improvement of existing facilities.


The PPF Fellowship 2019 is open for applications from a plumber and a media expert under the age of 27 to visit Nepal for one month in March-April 2019 to work on the plumbing and building construction for a village toilet/shower block in the upper Kathmandu valley. The overall construction of the block will be funded and managed by a Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) project.

The PPF plumber will work with local plumbers and the media expert will document the works for inclusion in a training package that will take the form of a visually based learning resource. The training package will develop over time to include plumbing procedures, hygiene training for village families and community staff, and information on village sanitation conditions to inform local health professionals.

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