Paul Pholeros Foundation Fellowship 2023

A Paul Pholeros Foundation Fellowship is a life changing opportunity to experience working on a sanitation project in Nepal while using your skills and knowledge to upskill local tradespeople.  It is offered once a year to an Australian team of a plumber and architectural graduate.

Projects vary from year to year and focus on sanitation inspection and upgrading in rural villages and health facilities. The PPF team will work with local Nepali personnel to develop a plumbing manual that can be used internally as a training resource.

The 2023 team visit dates are 30 October – 24 November on the ground, with travel time of 2-4 days extra depending on airline schedules.

In 2019 the team consisted of a plumber and media coordinator who worked on the construction of a community toilet block in a holy Buddhist site. The plumber worked alongside the Nepali plumbing and construction team and the media coordinator recorded the works, along with explanations of the various plumbing techniques.

Below are the proposed scope of works for the PPF 2023 team.

Plumbing Scope of Works

  • improve plumbing/sanitation facilities in a major hospital and outreach centres by working alongside the hospital’s and local teams to identify plumbing issues and solutions
  • identify possible infrastructure needs to improve sanitation services
  • record and document techniques particularly those that are not currently in practice in Nepal, to develop a training resource
  • contribute to the evaluation and feedback of the PPF hand wash unit, to be incorporated into future modifications
  • determine the feasibility of design and construction of a low cost water supply for school handwashing and tooth brushing with the hospital’s Public Health Team, Dentist and technical teams.

Architectural Scope of Works

  • work with plumbing teams on above projects where appropriate
  • work with villagers to design a suitable small dwelling for the caretaker family currently looking after the condition and security of the PPF Stupa Sanitation block
  • consider site analysis, consultation with local stakeholders, available materials and resources, current construction techniques and appropriate documentation.

Application and Selection

The PPF team candidates will:

  • have at least 2 years post qualification experience
  • be Australian residents
  • demonstrate good communication skills
  • have previous experience in working with different cultural or special groups
  • have previous experience in working with teams
  • be able to work for one month in Nepal.

The PPF will provide:

  • return airfares to Nepal
  • costs of visas and vaccinations
  • local accommodation and meals
  • a daily allowance and local transport costs
  • support by a local coordinator in Nepal
  • tools and equipment.

If you are interested to join a PPF team, please go to PPF Nepal Fellowship Application  or Contact the PPF for further information.

Feedback from the PPF 2019 team

When the hard, physical work was done, and we started the more technical work, it was extremely enjoyable being able to pass on knowledge to willing “students”. Watching their enjoyment as they put their new skills into practice was really rewarding. This shows how valuable hands-on training can be. The same can be said for how great it felt when we learned something in return. I loved the challenge and would go back in a heartbeat.”   Aidan Ward, Plumber 

This was an incredibly humbling and enlightening experience for me as I not only learned new skills to benefit my career but was also exposed to an entirely new world with a deep rich culture, magnificent scenery and a generous heart that is shown in each and every one of the villagers faces. I feel truly privileged to have been given these experiences which will stay with me for the rest of my life.”  Marcus Gleeson, Media Coordinator