Paul Pholeros Architecture Scholarship 2022

PP Architecture Scholars Victoria King from New South Wales and Genevieve Quinn from Queensland, have completed their studies and finalised their reports. Both projects had an overlapping focus on supporting communities that are environmentally and socio-economically vulnerable to flooding, but which exist in distinctly different regions.

Victoria King PPAS 2022.pdf

Genevieve Quinn PPAS 2022.pdf

In late 2023 Victoria was awarded a prestigious Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship which will allow her to continue her area of research for the PP Architecture Scholarship.  The Byera Hadley Scholarship will support Victoria to travel overseas to explore the evolution of shophouses globally, focussing on their role in heritage and housing and their potential benefits in urban and regional communities.


Victoria King

Victoria's study focussed on how to build back better, an exploration of new housing potential in Lismore following the unprecedented flood events of Februrary 2022. Key elements addressed were improved and more appropriate approaches to creating built environments, while considering how to retain and protect important natural and agricultural landscapes as key agents in mitigating the effects of climate change.

Victoria King

Genevieve Quinn

Genevieve's study, based in Brisbane, examined how "makeshift" or temporary architectural elements could ease some of the struggles experienced by flood-affected communities in the immediate - shorter term. With consideration of "the unpredictable in the context of social inequity and material scarcity” Genevieve explored the use of simple, easily constructed ideas using readily available materials to assist with re-inhabiting damaged homes.