The PPF team has completed a successful month’s work in Nepal.  Aidan and Marcus worked with the village construction and plumbing teams to install the critical waste, grey water and internal and external drainage infrastructure for the toilet/shower block in the stupa area, a most holy place for the nearby Buddhist villagers. The Nepali teams will complete the construction with local plumbers putting in the waterlines and taps.

During their time in the village the PPF team also had input into the design of the block, worked on the construction of the block, connected with the public health team from Dhulikhel Hospital who will run hygiene and hand washing sessions with the villagers, visited a plumbing training institute in a remote location en route to the India border, and inspected the toilet systems installed during the Village Health Improvement program, running since 2007.  These systems survived the earthquakes in 2015 and are still functioning well.

They took some time out to enjoy the Holi festival, highly coloured!

More information is available on Instagram.

May 6th, 2019