In April this year the PPF made a donation to our partner Dhulikhel Hospital to assist in hygiene and sanitation improvements in the growing COVID crisis.  The funds were put towards the construction and implementation of 10 fixed handwashing units located within the hospital’s facilities, purchase of extra water storage tanks and the construction of 2 toilets for the COVID-related fever clinic.

The daily COVID case numbers in Nepal are increasing. On 25 November the official number of total cases was 224,078, with a regular daily increase of between 1500-2000. Health facilities such as Dhulikhel Hospital are struggling to cope, and infrastructure and workforce capacity are stretched to their limits.  Hospital staff have been infected with COVID, placing further strain on the system and its people.

The report recently released by Dhulikhel Hospital details some of their concerted efforts to address this pandemic.  With limited Government support, donations are crucial to the functioning of the hospital.  If you are wish to make a donation to Dhulikhel Hospital, please contact the PPF on

November 25th, 2020