A PPF Fellowship is a life changing opportunity for young people to experience work in another country while using their skills and knowledge to train local tradespeople.  It is offered once a year to an Australian team under the age of 28, of plumber and media coordinator  – a qualified film maker / social media expert / journalist. The plumber will work alongside the Nepali plumbers and the media coordinator will record and document the works, along with explanations of the various plumbing techniques.

When the hard, physical work was done, and we started the more technical work, it was extremely enjoyable being able to pass on knowledge to willing “students”. Watching their enjoyment as they put their new skills into practice was really rewarding. This shows how valuable hands-on training can be. The same can be said for how great it felt when we learned something in return. I loved the challenge and would go back in a heartbeat.”   Aidan Ward, Plumber 2019

This was an incredibly humbling and enlightening experience for me as I not only learned new skills to benefit my career but was also exposed to an entirely new world with a deep rich culture, magnificent scenery and a generous heart that is shown in each and every one of the villagers faces. I feel truly privileged to have been given these experiences which will stay with me for the rest of my life.”  Marcus Gleeson, Media Coordinator 2019

The PPF team from Australia:

  • shares skills and knowledge through real work on a real project
  • learns about conditions in poor villages, and what can be done to help raise standards
  • develops their own skills and knowledge base through working as a team with Nepalese people
  • experiences another culture in a very spectacular country
  • develops friendships and ongoing relationships with the Nepali team

Application and Selection

The PPF FELLOWSHIP 2020 will be open for application in the second half of 2019. The PPF team will work in Nepal for one month in early 2020 on a village  project in the upper Kathmandu valley.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed before final selection.

The PPF team candidates must be able to:

  • work as a team and identify needs and requirements for hands-on plumbing installation
  • inform design and planning work from a plumbing perspective
  • document the work to develop a training package – a visually based learning resource for local plumbers, villagers, health personnel
  • demonstrate previous experience in working with different cultural groups
  • work for one month in Nepal

After the selection and interview processes for the PPF team, the PPF will provide:

  • return airfares to Nepal
  • local accommodation and meals
  • a daily allowance and local transport costs
  • support by a local coordinator in Nepal
  • tools and equipment

If you are under the age of 28 and think you would like to join the PPF team, please go to PPF Team Registration or contact PPF for further information.